Bancor Holdings, the parent company of Bancorporate, the largest US mortgage lender, has told its employees that it will not organize a union if a union drives a similar proposal in Michigan.

In a statement issued Monday, the Bancors said it will continue to “support employees who are eligible to unionize.”

“We believe that the employees in Bancreporters association will benefit from a strong union, and our members have always been a valued and respected part of the Banca Pilotias organization,” the statement said.

“The unionization process is complex, and we expect the union to have an impact on both the company and the Bias Board, but we are committed to making the process as transparent and fair as possible.”

Bancor’s board is composed of several of the same four directors who run the bank, and all of its directors have signed onto a letter from Bancurie that reads: “We are committed that the BANCOR members have an equal voice in all decisions that affect our company, the communities we serve, and the people who work for us.”

Banca Pilotias board also released a statement saying it supports unionization.

“Our members have a great deal of pride in the BISC’s leadership, and it is not the intent of the board to encourage or encourage any unionization efforts,” the group said.

Bancorp also has an active unionization program with more than 1,000 employees.

The Bancori’s statement, however, does not address whether the union would be able to strike in Michigan if the union proposal goes through.

That is because the company does not have an election for its board of directors, and Bancaric said it does not know how many of its employees would be eligible to vote in that election.

In its statement, Bancroft said it is open to discussing unionization “with Bancporters representatives.”