Buys and sells drugs, watches the news and occasionally talks to strangers.

He was a regular in the car park of a South Australian bank, where his boss, a former police officer, gave him his own personalised driver’s licence.

“I just want to keep up with what’s going on,” Buys said.

“I can’t really do much but I can keep up on what’s happening.”

He said he would be happy to lend to people who needed a loan.

“When I’m out in the street, I can talk to anybody,” he said.

He did a bit of business with a couple of other bank staff.

He said he could always borrow money from his bank account to buy drugs from dealers, which was legal in South Australia at the time.

“We’d all go into the back of the van and sell stuff for a few dollars,” he recalled.

“It was all done by phone.

We were on the phone for hours, so you couldn’t really get away with it.”

If I wanted to buy something, I’d get in the van with my buddy and just go around.

It was a good way to get money.

It sold for about $15,000, so that was pretty good.””

One time, I had a kilo of meth, I bought some drugs and went out and bought it myself.

It sold for about $15,000, so that was pretty good.”

Buys said he never got caught, but he had a few friends who were caught and jailed.

“I got to the point where I didn’t think I would get away because I was the one that did it,” he explained.

Buys had a criminal record dating back to his youth.

When he was 15, he pleaded guilty to a number of drugs offences and was sentenced to five years in prison.

It was a period of time that he said he was on the wrong path.

“There were a few people who came and told me they had a problem,” he told ESPN.

“But I didn.

I was a pretty good guy.”

But when he got out of prison in 2009, Buys realised he had changed.

He decided to take a risk and started selling drugs.

The drug market was booming and people were desperate.

As Buys sold, he began to take on jobs that would pay well.

“It was an easy way to earn a living,” he admitted.

But Buys admitted that it was a hard road.

After his release from prison in October 2011, he said, he realised that he needed to find a way to repay the money he made.

And that’s when he started to sell drugs again.

Buys started selling again after his release and now he sells drugs regularly.

With the number of people he sold to growing, Buies said the money would be hard to repay.

I need to find some way to pay back the money I made and I want to do something for it,” Buies told ESPN Crikey.

At the moment, he has a loan that pays off the interest on his loan for another year, which he said will allow him to keep selling.

If he could repay his loan, he would get to buy his own house.

However, Bues said he has little choice.

His bank, Santander, said he is not allowed to buy a house, but if he was to sell the property, he could pay off the mortgage with the proceeds.

Buies said he did not feel comfortable talking about the situation.

‘I’m doing it for my family’Buys has a son who is now 17.

A friend said he wanted to marry his daughter, and they had been planning a wedding for the past year.”

Buksaid said his son would be “pretty happy” if he could buy a property. “

They’re trying to get married this week.”

Buksaid said his son would be “pretty happy” if he could buy a property.

One of the people he is selling drugs to is the daughter of a senior police officer in South Australian.

She has been arrested for drug trafficking, and police are concerned that she is close to her daughter, who is also selling drugs on the streets.

Samantha Mase, who has worked with Buys in the past, said she was shocked by the way Buys was treating his daughter.

“He’s taking the drugs and the money,” Mase said.

“She’s not taking it, she’s selling it, he’s selling drugs and he’s making money off of it.

My reaction is, ‘you’re doing it on your own and you’re getting caught.

‘”I don’t want her to be caught, she can’t have her own family, she needs to get help, she has to get out of there.”‘

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