The world’s biggest food bank has launched in the UK, and it’s the largest in Europe.

The Prosperity Bank, which aims to give 100 million people access to financial help in times of hardship, has opened in a small warehouse on a street in north London.

The shopkeeper who runs the bank told Business Insider the first day he opened it, he had a meeting with a woman who works for the food bank and she asked him to do something for her.

“I asked her how much I needed, and she said, ‘just one meal a day,'” he said.

“And I said, well, if that’s all I need, I can do that.”

He said the woman said she had a problem with her health and was in need of cash to make ends meet.

“She was shocked and said ‘why should I give you money?'” he said, adding that she was shocked.

The store owner said he had never thought about food banks before and said he was shocked to see people like that who are struggling in the country.

He said he has been inundated with calls from people in the past few weeks who want to get involved.

He explained that it’s not uncommon for people who have food banks to be homeless or people who are unemployed to go to them, but he said he wanted to be able to help people who were struggling.

The business owner said that the people who work at the store told him that they have been coming to him for help since January.

He also said he would like to open up another branch in the future, so that there would be another 100 million food bank users.

In the past year, the Prosperity bank has seen a significant increase in demand for its services, with people needing help with food, clothes, and even a car.

The bank has set up shop in the city’s Kensington and Chelsea neighbourhood, where it has offices on four different floors.

Its main focus is on food, with its main focus being on food banks, and helping those who have been affected by food insecurity.

Its chief executive, Dr Richard Gidley, told Business News International (BI), that the bank aims to provide the food to as many people as possible in times like these.

“It is a very difficult time,” he said in a statement.

“Food banks are at a time when many people are facing financial challenges, and this is one of the most difficult times we have had in the history of our country.”

The store manager said he wants to create jobs in the food banks and provide them with the tools they need to get the job done.

The charity has set a target of doubling its annual operating budget in the next 12 months.

Gidley said that he hoped that the opening of the store would encourage people to get on board.

“We’ve been very clear that this is a project that’s going to be driven by our business, it’s going be driven in a positive way,” he told BI.

“This is not just a food bank.

We are going to create a thriving community in this space, and we are going the extra mile to do that, and I think that’s a positive thing.”