The U.S. national bank has opened a new bank account for Americans who can’t find a bank account with an institution in their name.

The National Credit Union Administration said Tuesday that its National Savings Bank account will open Wednesday at 2 p.m.


The account, opened in January, allows people to transfer money to or from a checking account, debit card or savings account.

The bank also said it will allow Americans to apply for a deposit to its new account to ensure that Americans don’t miss out on their overdrafts.

 The National Savings Banking Association, which is affiliated with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, has more than 400 branches across the country.

The New York branch opened in December.

In a statement, National Savings said it wants to make savings easier for customers by offering bank debit cards, checking accounts, and online access to their accounts, as well as allowing consumers to deposit money into savings accounts.

The branch also said that if you do not have an account with the bank, you can sign up to a prepaid debit card that will automatically be added to your account when you visit the branch.

The new bank is the only bank branch in New York that accepts prepaid debit cards.

It is also offering a free credit check and to sign up for a credit monitoring service to help ensure your money is safe.