Head to your local coffee shop, a bar or restaurant and you’ll likely see a handful of people wearing Google Glass.

But, how do you get started?

Google Glass is not a Google product, so it’s not available for purchase, but you can easily get it for under $500, with pre-orders starting today.

Read more about Google Glass here:The Google Glass Glass app is not yet available for download in the US, but it will be in the near future.

It’s an Android app that comes with a pre-loaded version of Google Glass that you can use to take photos, take videos and watch YouTube videos.

The pre-installed version is called “Glass”.

The version you download is an alpha version, and the beta version is still in development.

It does have some limitations, though, including limited battery life.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, the Google Glass Pro, which will be released later this year, is the best option for the job.

The Pro comes with both an Intel Celeron N2806 processor and 128GB of RAM.

The company is also offering a free “Glass 2” app that lets you use Glass while you work.

Google Glass will cost around $100 for a 16GB version with a microSD card.

If you’re not going to use Glass for a long time, a 16-inch screen and the ability to snap videos or photos to your phone or tablet will be a steal.