Why the Flagstar Bank has changed its name and its motto

The Flagstar bank is the first bank to make a major change in its name after it was founded in 1781.Flagstar Bank of Australia, which is part of the Australian National Bank, announced the change Monday on its website.It said it will now be called the National Bank of Australian and that the logo will […]

When banks need to change how they operate

Lloyds Bank’s Cathay Bank has asked a regulator for more time to review its online banking platform, and said it will also consider using mobile banking.The bank said the process will take two months, after which it plans to review how it operates.Cathay said it wants to ensure it has a full and transparent online […]

Bank of America to buy $2.6 billion in GE shares

Bank of Ameritrade says it will buy $1.9 billion in stock from GE in a deal that could be worth $2 billion to $2,000 per share.The deal is part of a larger GE buying spree that could include a stake in the bank’s new chip-maker, according to Recode.The bank says the deal will value GE’s […]

When you’re looking at the world’s banks, there are two banks with a very distinct style

Bank of America is one of the banks that is the world leader in the world of online banking.The bank has more than 80 million customers, and it has also been the target of a string of cyberattacks, including one in 2014 which caused the bank’s computer systems to crash. The bank was also one of […]

FourFour Two: How banks are coping with the crisis

FourFour two: The banks are now struggling to keep up with the surge in demand for credit.It was the first time I had been in a meeting with the bank’s senior managers and was told the problem was not just about demand.As the meeting progressed, I was told that banks were now in the process […]

Why do some people think they have to leave their home to bank at night

The idea of leaving the house for a night is often regarded as a luxury that is too expensive for many.This is because, unlike many other aspects of living, the home and its surroundings are not always well-maintained, and even if the property is, it is not always safe to leave the house.With many people […]

How to save $300,000 for the holiday season with this 2017 bank holiday savings plan

A 2017 bank holidays savings plan has some of the most compelling offers available, but you’ll need to make some big changes to fit the bill.Here’s a look at the best savings and savings opportunities for your bank holiday 2017, which is currently underway.We have a 2017 bank Holiday Savings Plan for you, so read […]

Which cryptocurrencies are going to hit the cryptocurrency market in 2017?

A lot of crypto-investment companies are making big moves into the cryptocurrency space.We’re seeing some companies that are launching ICOs in 2017, while others are starting to make deals to enter the market.We’re seeing a lot of new players emerge in 2017 as a result of these new ICOs.Here are the five biggest players in […]

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