Why do you keep running the banks?

It seems to be the mantra of all those who are running a big financial institution.The idea is that if you run your business the bank will get bigger, faster and be a more efficient organisation.But when you run a bank, you have to think hard about the business model and the way the bank […]

How to earn more at huntington national Bank

The US bank, one of the world’s largest, has launched a new digital currency that aims to bring in more business for its clients.The Huntmont National Bank will launch its new cryptocurrency in the coming weeks, allowing hunters to send their transactions to the bank using QR codes.Huntmont is one of several big US banks […]

Federal Reserve: Banks are more risk than risk-free

The Federal Reserve’s decision to buy U.S. mortgage-backed securities in a bailout of the nation’s largest bank, the nation´s largest lender, means the banks are more risky than they have been since the financial crisis.The central bank has also raised rates and signaled that it is willing to tap its $3.6 trillion balance sheet.The decision […]

Which world banks will survive?

Bank of America, the world’s second largest bank by assets, has already announced it will close its retail banking unit, leaving customers without any banking services at all.But many other banks have announced similar plans, which have prompted concern among investors about the viability of the global financial system as a whole.“It is clear that […]

What you need to know about the US Federal Reserve

The US Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) is expected to hold its first meeting on Wednesday to vote on raising interest rates in just over two weeks.The meeting comes amid signs that the US central bank is poised to begin raising rates, and is expected by some analysts to vote to raise interest rates.The FOMC […]

What is a commercial bank?

Commercial banks provide loans for commercial and industrial customers.They operate with commercial customers and make loans to businesses and individuals.They also issue bonds, which they can sell for cash, and offer short-term loans.Commercial banks also issue securities, including mortgages, credit cards and bonds.The U.S. is the world’s largest consumer of commercial bank debt.Commercial bank interest […]

How a new bank can help us save money while we’re at work

A bank in the heart of Manhattan could have a huge impact on your life.You could save money on your mortgage payments, save money to buy groceries or save money at the checkout.With a little help from a friend, you could get to work with a smile.The Bank of America, the country’s largest bank by […]

Which bank has the hottest app?

The latest Apple news and rumors, as we roll out our picks for the top five banks in the US.1.U.S. BankSource: Apple Inc.2.Wells Fargo and JPMorgan ChaseBank of America (NYSE: JPM)3.UBS BankSource the latest Apple News: AppleInsider’s Picks for the Best Bank of All Time4.Chase Manhattan Federal Credit Union (NYSE CFCU)5.UCCs Federal Credit union (NYSE […]

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