Why does my bank pay more?

It is often said that the banking industry is in a crisis, and the answer is simple: the big banks have been getting bigger and bigger.The big banks in Germany are now bigger than the UK’s National Health Service, and are likely to get bigger and larger.So the question becomes: why are the big big […]

Webster Bank Says ‘We Need to Fix’ Its Account System

First Horizon Bank says it is working with “multiple parties” to address “the most urgent issues” surrounding its account system.The bank said in a statement on Thursday that it has hired a “team of experienced and experienced team members” to “take a proactive approach to address these issues” and said that it would “be taking […]

How to use the new Android 4.3 Google Play Store app to shop with no ads on the web

Posted by Google News on Sunday, April 30, 2017 10:16:33We’ve seen a lot of Google Play reviews, but the new app lets you buy and download content without ads.The new Android app has two new features: one lets you purchase apps from the Google Play store without paying a premium fee, and the other lets […]

Why are there no gold coins in Turkey?

The Turkish government has recently announced that gold coins will be legal tender, but a number of experts are warning that the move is a bad one.The move comes amid a sharp rise in inflation in the country, which is expected to reach 10 per cent in 2017, making it the most expensive country in […]

How to buy a house with cash

Bank of America and Wells Fargo have teamed up to help homeowners get the cash they need for their homes and move in.The banks are offering homeowners cash to help pay down the principal on their mortgage, with the goal of allowing homeowners to save more for the down payment.The offer is offered to anyone […]

Which of these three banks has the highest yield on a 5-year loan?

Union Bank of India, the world’s largest commercial bank, has a yield of 2.7%.That is more than seven times the rate of a comparable commercial bank and more than five times the yield of the next closest bank.City Bank of New York, the nation’s second-largest bank, is the second-highest yielding bank at 1.94%.That means the […]

A new report reveals the top-performing health systems in New Zealand

A new survey of the nation’s top hospitals reveals a lot about what patients need.The New Zealand Medical Association (NZMA) has released its 2017 Hospital Scorecard, and it reveals that some health systems are the best, and some are worst.Some systems have achieved top-end rankings of best hospitals, while others are the worst.The hospitals in […]

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