Why the Flagstar Bank has changed its name and its motto

The Flagstar bank is the first bank to make a major change in its name after it was founded in 1781.Flagstar Bank of Australia, which is part of the Australian National Bank, announced the change Monday on its website.It said it will now be called the National Bank of Australian and that the logo will […]

When you’re looking at the world’s banks, there are two banks with a very distinct style

Bank of America is one of the banks that is the world leader in the world of online banking.The bank has more than 80 million customers, and it has also been the target of a string of cyberattacks, including one in 2014 which caused the bank’s computer systems to crash. The bank was also one of […]

FourFour Two: How banks are coping with the crisis

FourFour two: The banks are now struggling to keep up with the surge in demand for credit.It was the first time I had been in a meeting with the bank’s senior managers and was told the problem was not just about demand.As the meeting progressed, I was told that banks were now in the process […]

Which Commonwealth Bank customers should you trust?

The Commonwealth Bank has admitted it is facing a significant amount of pressure from customers after the bank’s chief executive resigned amid a series of high-profile customer issues.In a statement released on Friday, CEO Ian Narev announced he would step down after a “very significant period of time” and will remain on as interim chief […]

What is a tri county bank?

A tri county banking partnership, a joint venture between a county and a bank, is a financial institution whose members are based within a tri state.Tri states have a common name such as Texas, Louisiana, or Mississippi.The term tri means three states, and is a combination of three elements: a state, an area, and a […]

The Rs. 2,000 note – The most popular Rs. 20 note

New Delhi: After months of controversy, the Rs. 1,000 notes will no longer be available for purchase by consumers.The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Wednesday removed the old Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes, which were last issued in July.The move came amid a nationwide ban on the old notes that was imposed after […]

How to make your own gold coin, with an old-school design

The new gold coin could be the last gasp of a once-vibrant but now-defunct gold market, but it has a long way to go before it can be considered a legitimate investment.For one thing, it’s not a metal.For another, it has been around for decades, with some estimates putting the production of gold at around […]

When the economy tanked: Bank’s loan to Indian bank halved, regulator says

A leading American bank that has helped to build a $1 trillion trade deficit with India has had its loan to an Indian bank slashed by more than half because of the government’s “fiscal emergency.”The American Bankers Association (ABA) said Wednesday that it will no longer issue any new commercial banking or consumer banking credit […]

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