How to get rid of your mortgage?

Green Dot Bank, a leading provider of mortgage-backed securities (MBS), has released a new tool to help you do just that.The tool will help you manage your mortgage debt.The company’s newest tool is called a Mortgage Checkup.The tool allows you to compare your monthly mortgage payment with other mortgage payments.It can also show you what […]

How to earn the biggest bank bonuses in Australia

Buys and sells drugs, watches the news and occasionally talks to strangers.He was a regular in the car park of a South Australian bank, where his boss, a former police officer, gave him his own personalised driver’s licence.“I just want to keep up with what’s going on,” Buys said.“I can’t really do much but I […]

When Synchrony Bank joins the gold standard: Synchronymate Bank joins gold standard

Synchronys bank is joining the gold dollar standard.Synchronies new $100 million funding round raised a total of $75 million in new capital for its gold bank, according to a filing with the SEC.Syncsynchrony joins a growing list of banks that are making gold-standard commitments to the dollar.A number of these institutions have been working on […]

Which bank is closest to your home?

More than 50 banks have announced plans to open branches in the United States this year as the first major new branches open for business in a decade.The banks that have opened branch openings include:UnitedHealth Group, JPMorgan Chase, UBS, HSBC, Barclays and Citigroup.All have announced their intent to open more than 1,000 new branches across […]

How to find out how much of your internet bandwidth is used by your ISP

By default, the internet provider in your home or business is your ISP.You can easily check this information on your broadband provider’s website.But the internet service providers in most countries, including those in the UK, Australia, and the United States, can do more than that.They also have a lot of information about your internet use.They […]

How to become an online banker: The easiest way to get into the job

As an online bank, Amarillo National Bank is just one of the many banks that offer online banking services, but they also have the option to accept money in cash or checks, a service that makes it a more attractive option for those with limited access to financial services. The bank’s CEO, Robert Mancini, is one […]

Merchants Bank mobile vibe to open on March 1

Merchants Bank, a retail bank that has operated in Washington since the 1980s, is opening its first branch in the Capital Region.The bank, located at the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue NW, is expected to open by March 1.The branch will be the second branch in Washington, and will include a restaurant and […]

U.S. banking group Icici to buy British bank Bank of England – IBM Corp. is buying British bank Barclays Plc and its U.K. counterpart, British Bank Group Plc.The combined group plans to build up to $3.5 billion in new business as the banks work to boost the economy, the two companies said Wednesday in a statement.The combined group will also increase its presence in the […]

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