New York hospital charges $2.3M in compensation to victims of fatal train crash

A New York City hospital is facing federal fines for overpaying a woman who died on a train in 2013, and now it is suing the state of New York for $2 million in compensation.Medical News Today spoke with a woman whose name was withheld because she was too traumatized to talk.The woman told Medical […]

How to use the Texas branch online for checking account transfers and checking account fees

Bank of Texas branches have a number of convenient online banking options.These include a branch at your local branch, a branch near your home, and branches at several different types of businesses.However, some of the easiest and most convenient options for online banking are at a branch location.First, here are some tips to help you […]

Detroit Land Bank gets $3.8 million from Michigan legislature

DEATH SQUARE, Mich.— The Michigan legislature on Tuesday approved a $3 billion loan from the federal government to help finance a $1.7 billion land bank that would provide land to the Detroit suburb of Death Square.The House approved the $3 million in federal funds Thursday to help pay for the $1 billion landbank to be […]

What you need to know about Wells Fargo online banking

Bank of America announced Thursday that it is launching a new service to make it easier for people to open their accounts online.The bank said it is adding the Wells Fargo Online Banking feature to its online banking offerings and that it has launched a number of pilot programs that allow customers to create their […]

How to save for a new home

How to make the most of your first home property?Here’s how to keep it looking great while paying off your mortgage.The latest house price forecast shows a 10 per cent jump in the price of Sydney’s market over the next year, with an average house price of $1.7 million.It’s the latest sign the market […]

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